Our Visual Arts Department strive to cultivate each student's ability to explore God's creation and His gift of creativity to humanity. Students are exposed to a variety of media and techniques as well as an array of art styles and art movements. Students learn from observation and experimentation through projects and presentations of artworks by master artists with an emphasis on the history of western art, supplemented by artwork from other parts of the world.


The visual arts curriculum is designed to prepare students for college-level, studio or art history classes. The curriculum presents an in-depth study of the history of Western art, integrated with Asian and African artworks. Students are instructed in advanced techniques with an emphasis on oil painting. A range of projects are assigned in order to expand mastery in several media including: watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastel and sculpture materials. Through an array of assignments students are encouraged to develop their own artistic style. Ultimately our goal is to have students demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principals of art with an emphasis on art critique with Biblical integration.