Upper school

Google Apps School

Northwood is a "Google Apps for Education" School.  Each student in grades 6th-12th is assigned a Northwood student Google account which gives them access to unlimited Google Drive Space, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Classroom, and much more.

Chromebook 1:1 Initiative

We believe that Technology is an essential part of the educational experience.  Each student in grades 8th-12th receives an 11" Chromebook to use throughout the year.  A Chromebook is a laptop device which allows our teachers and students to not only access the Internet, but to have an interactive, collaborative and creative educational experience in the classroom.  Our entire campus is outfitted with high speed wireless Internet access for students to connect their Chromebook devices for use throughout the school day.



Lower school

Teachers have access and use a number of different types of technology to not only aid in teaching, but also to supplement student learning.  Teachers use Mimio (interactive whiteboard technology), AppleTV and Chromecast along with projectors that are installed in each classroom for instructional purposes.  

iPads for Education

Our Lower School Campus is equipped with two full class sets of iPads.  Students are able to create presentations through applications like iMovie and Keynote. Students also use the iPads during school to supplement Math and Language Arts, as well as during Accelerated Reader for testing on books that they have to read.