Students in grades 6-12 are offered a variety of opportunities to participate in drama and music. The goal of these opportunities is to provide beginning and intermediate techniques of performing arts. Our program is geared to develop imagination, stage presence, and the skilled use of the voice through numerous performances. Drama classes are available for high school students. The curriculum focuses on strengthening the essential skills of the actor, character building, monologue and scene work. The overall drama experience is designed to provide a solid foundation for students that wish to enjoy performing arts as a hobby as well as the student that will pursue theatre as a career.




The Xalt Fine Arts Program produces two full theatre productions each school year. Student's grades 6-12 have an opportunity to participate in the theatre, music, and artistic aspects school productions. Drama and technical work for the productions range from acting, singing, and instrumentals to stage lighting, sound, make-up, costumes, props and set design. Students are afforded extensive opportunities to learn in all areas of production. We aim to offer a well-rounded education a fine arts program to our students.


The music department works hard to produce students who cherish the gift of music. It is our goal to invest in students through a wide range of areas including: singing, playing different types of instruments and glorifying the Lord through our worship opportunities. Our music curriculum for grades K-5 teaches basic and intermediate concepts of music. Students have opportunities to participate in band and choral programs starting in the 4th grade and extending through high school. At the upper school, students can take part in our worship team during weekly chapel services.


Chorus is offered to Upper School students in grades 6-12. Special attention is given to part-singing and ensemble techniques. Additionally, for older students this class teaches more advanced vocal skills and sight singing. Students demonstrate these skills in annual school performances.


In school band classes are offered through the Leonard School of Music beginning in the 4th grade with our beginner band program. At the beginner's level, students work to build basic proficiency with their specific instrument through weekly practice times. Once students reach the upper school, students focus on achieving personal musical goals of a higher ability level. Weekly practice times are scheduled. Intermediate and advanced level students have the opportunity to become a part of the "Thunder" Drumline/Spirit Team as well as the Worship Arts Team. At both the lower and upper school, students learn band through a unique method of instruction that offers a great challenge to each student. From the very beginning of the extensive band program, each student is given many opportunities for advancement regardless of age. Should a student choose to participate in band at Northwood, additional fees are required. The "Thunder" is the Northwood Academy spirit drumline that is comprised of 9th-12th grade students. These students have regularly scheduled practices and volunteer their time to support the cheerleaders at pep rallies, varsity football games, and SCISA competitions. Prior music and drum experience is required. Auditions are held in the fall.