Students in grades K-5 are offered a variety of opportunities to participate in drama. The goal of these opportunities is to provide beginning and intermediate techniques of performing arts. Our program is geared to develop imagination, stage presence, and the skilled use of the voice through numerous performances.


Christmas Program

Students in grades K-5 take part in our annual Christmas program. Each year an extensive program is developed to include a compilation of choral music and dramatic performances which share the birth of Christ. At the 2nd-5th grade level, auditions are part of the dramatic performance portion of the program; however, all students participate in this program through choral music. The selected program is presented during the school day and parents are encouraged to attend.


Students have the opportunity to perform short skits that demonstrate a monthly theme or character trait. As such, students learn basic elements of drama, how to perform in front of a live audience, and how to interact with one another to bring a skit to life. Short skits are presented in our weekly chapels on Thursdays and Fridays.