upper school

Every Friday morning, the students of Northwood Academy gather together for a time of worship, teaching and celebration. At Chapel, students are exposed to the teachings of Christ and then empowered in how to live out their faith in their school, families and community. Throughout the school year, students will hear from different speakers from all walks of life and multiple times a year, they will break into STORM Groups. STORM Groups are an environment where students are placed in a group of 12 along with a faculty member where conversations about their faith, life and purpose can be discussed. 

Once a year Northwood Academy, sets aside a week each year for Spiritual Emphasis Week. Each morning, students meet for Chapel and engage in a timely message with a theme that continues throughout the whole week. 

Students have the opportunity to serve in many capacities at Chapel through leading games, worship, production and even sharing their faith to the student body.



Lower School

Application is the goal of the Lower School weekly Chapel with singing and drama at the core.  Teachers and students take to the stage throughout the year to show Biblical principles in action. A yearly Biblical theme is established:  Fruits of the Spirit, Armor of God, The Beatitudes, I Corinthians 13, and that is wrapped in a trendy theme that grabs the students attention (i.e. Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Night at Northwood Museum, The Scoop, The Greek Squad, etc.)  The teachers lead the way with the trendy theme and the classes take turns each month.  With the students heads full of biblical knowledge, the idea is to put the knowledge into action. When head knowledge becomes real, it becomes heart knowledge.  Hearts and lives are changed when God becomes real to students; when students realize that God isn’t just an important person in the Bible; but that He wants to be a part of their everyday life.  Lower School Chapels are transforming! 

Lower School Chapels are divided into two age groups so that the skits and dramas are age appropriate. Thursday Chapel is for K-2nd graders and Friday Chapel is for 3rd-5th graders.